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After having a networking organization and having face to face networking  meetings for over 10 years I had an "Ah-Ha moment! I realized that I had met thousands of people and had hundreds of "1 on 1's" and realized that most people either quit networking within a year, were networking for the wrong reasons or didn't know if their networking was working. They were doing the same things the same ways and expecting different results. So I quit networking and having networking meetings.

"You can't fix anything if you don't know why it isn't working".  I started researching why and what was wrong with typical face to face conventional networking. I did surveys and interviews with over 2,000 people and discovered over 92% were not satisfied with their results. As a result I developed a unique business growth platform and formula that will work for most serious business people at any meetings or events they attend.

Why conventional networking doesn't work for most people?

  • Most people were never trained on how to network properly to grow their business
    • It's not their fault. They are just doing what they see everyone else doing and think this is proper networking.
  • They network for the wrong reasons. Business Networking is NOT about advertising your business with "elevator sales pitches" hoping to sell your products and services or hoping to get referrals from those you meet. There is a better way!
  • They think meeting with the same people week after week and doing the same things the same ways is networking. There is a better way!
  • Most networking groups are either free or charge a fee just for the right to attend meetings. There is a better way!
  • There are more reasons but the bottom line is most people waste a lot of time and money networking!. There is a better way!

Carl Lucchi / Business consultant and Founder of Let's Talk Business Tampa Bay.

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