Southampton Antiques

“I have been in the antique business since my second year of college in 1970.  Over the last 41 years, my wife, Meg and I, have bought and sold some of the finest pieces of American made oak and Victorian furniture to come on the market.  Our experience with, and knowledge of, this period of American furniture (1850-1900) is extensive.  Meg is now retiring to pursue other interests.  I will continue to use the prime sources that I have built up over the years to offer, at fair market prices, some more interesting and rare pieces from this most innovative and productive period in American furniture making.  Years ago, a mentor told me that when buying and selling antiques the three most important consideration are “quality, condition and price” – in that order.  That has always been and will contiinue to be the criteria I use when presenting items in this catalog.  What I will exhibit are investment grade pieces in prime original condition. This will be a part time endeavor for me.  I will be gone for extended periods of time so please be patient in your efforts to contact me.  It is always best to email.  If I am not available, I will respond as soon as I return.  If you would like to see a piece in the catalog, please ask for an appointment to see it and I will be most happy to meet you.”