Industrial Strength OdorZyme Now Available Wholesale

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Try a 4 oz Concentrate = One gallon

Image of Odorzyme Solutions sample bottle

4 oz concentrate = One gallon OdorZyme ready to use! Experience the OdorZyme Difference! Order up to 3 bottles with FREE Priority Shipping

It's easy! Just add OdorZyme concentrate to one gallon water in a clean household sprayer, apply to affected areas, let air dry!

Note: 4oz & 8oz wholesale (12 per case) as low as $12.00 per gallon ready to use! Contact us for wholesale information

Select 1,2 or 3 bottles
Priority Shipping Included!

Buy Wholesale and Save

Great for Large problem areas, Resellers, Nursing Homes, Government Agencies, Bed-wetting, SPCA's, Humain Societies, and more...

OdorZyme can be purchased wholesale with as few as 1 case (12 bottles) also in money-saving 1 Gallon Concentrates when you want to bottle your own.

Contact us for size, rates and more information..