Zsolnay Bronze Basket

Wonderful fancy Victorian Hungarian bronze basket with a Zsolnay pottery insert.  It has the number 1680 embossed on the bottom which indicates that it was made between 1885-1887(see http://www.drawrm.com/zsolnaymarks.htm).   It has the blue mark also (see photo).  The openwork handle frames an openwork pottery raised heart (brides basket?) at each end.  Each heart has a bead design framing edge.  There is some play in the handle as it can swing a half inch to either side.  The bowl has a ruffled edge.  The entire interior and much of exterior  is profusely a hand painted with an asymmetrical gilt edged design.  This is one of the best and most interesting pieces I have seen produced by this factory!    Dimensions:   13″ H to top of handle   x   10″ L   x   8″ W.   Condition:  Good original patina to the bronze holder.  The basket appears to be in excellent condition with some normal crackling to the glaze.   Price:   $795zol1zol1 blackzol6 zol5 zol4 zol3 zol2zol