Wicker Display House

Unique wicker display doll house.  It is created in a Japanese pagoda style.  The top  curves up and has a rectangular opening with four fancy turned spires.  The base has a veranda on both sides with the same spires on each end and a railing with ornate turned supports.  The back has a solid weave while the open front features a curlicue on each side.  There are  original eye hooks in the front that most likely once supported a curtain.  A double room divider is in the front and is met by a perpendicular one on the inside.   The interior of the back has a lovely original tapestry fabric of children (see photo).  This extraordinary piece is beautifully colored with original blue – green and rust -red paint.  It sets on four original castors.   It could be used as a fabulous doll house or, with the front divider removed, as a great open display.   A wonderful, probably custom made piece of exceptional quality and design!    Circa:   1890.    Dimensions:   28.5″ H   x   31″ W   x   22.5″ D.    Condition:   The wicker and wood is in excellent original condition and paint.  The paint on the spires has some genuine age crazing.  The original fabric on the back is in good faded condition while that on the sides is damaged and could be replaced along with the fabric on the room divider (not shown in pictures).   Price:   $1450  62110 (1)

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