Victorian Music Holder

Fabulous Victorian sheet music holder.  It has six pullout vertical holders.  They have rounded walnut tops with the original gold and black lettering “Instrumental”, “Songs & Ballads” and “Operatic”.  There are two of each of these.  The case has a design cut out of each side surrounded by gilt filled incised carvings.  The handle in the middle is open carved.  There are fine quality original double castors on the bottom (see photo).  I have never seen a cabinet like this before.  A unique piece to complement a Victorian piano or organ!    Circa:   1880.    Dimensions:   15.5″ H   x   16″ D   x   16.5″W.    Condition:  Fabulous original condition with great lettering, gilt incising, ebonized case and walnut folio tops.  There is an age crack on the bottom (see photo) which doesn’t show or compromise the structure.   Price:   $1350vmh1 vmh3 vmh4 copy vmh5 vmh6 vmh7