Victorian Platform Rocker

Formal walnut Victorian platform rocker.  It has an open carved crest which features a brass rimmed round porcelain (probably Sevres) plaque in the middle.  The frame of the chair has extensive incised carvings.  It is very comfortable to sit in with a gentle rocking motion.  The mechanism is different and more sophisticated than such rockers I have had in the past.  The porcelain and general style make this a  more formal and interesting rocker than others that I have had in the past!

Circa:   1875.    Dimensions:   41″ H   x   24″W.    Condition:  Old upholstery that has some minor wear but is still usable.  The frame has a rich original patina and the porcelain is in good shape.  The are some chips in the frame but it is structurally sound.    Price:   $1295pr7 pr1 pr2 pr3 pr4 pr5 pr6 pr8