Stained Glass Window

FANTASTIC Victorian large stained glass window.  This piece  was removed years ago from a mansion in Boston, MA.  The window contains two sides separated by a wood divider.   They could be re-framed and made into two matching windows easily if the buyer wanted.  The tops are symmetrical with a circular piece of green glass surrounded by a number of olive, dark green and blood red leaves.  Below that is a row of gold floral designs set into  white hexagons.  Going down we see groups of flowers and leaves supported by a woven latticework.  The side to side symmetry ends below this as a variety of intricate flowers of multiple rich colors, shades and sizes make up the design.  The bottom repeats several of the motifs found at the top.  There is a border of aqua blue and amber small rectangles surrounding the rest of the window design.  The flowers and enhancements on the glass are all painted on by hand.    The window was made by Daniel Cottier. He was a Scottish decorator, sometimes credited with bringing the Aesthetic Style to America.  He was based in Glasgow, but had offices in New York and Sydney, Australia.    For many years, a Cottier window from the William Watts Sherman House in Newport, RI, misattributed to La Farge and widely published.  It’s very similar to this window. The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston owns it now.   This is the BEST stained glass window I have ever offered for sale.   Circa:   1880.   Dimensions:   84″ H   x   38  3/4″ W   x   1 3/4″ D (Overall wooden frame).    77″ W   x   16″ W (Each side glass).    Condition:  There is is some normal age lines and bowing of the glass.  The finish on the wooden frame is quite worn.  The buyer would likely want to refinish, repaint or replace the frame.   The top green circular glasses have likely been replaced.                                                                                                                                                                    Price:   $10,500


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