Rosewood Reclining Chair

A rare Victorian rosewood reclining armchair.  It has a large crest with finger carving and a half round oval in the middle.  The wide back balloons out at the top.  When viewed from the side one see elaborate carvings including a beautiful “S” scrolled open carving as the arm support.  A delicate carving is on the top of each of the front legs.  The original brass castors are on the feet.  People were generally smaller in the 1800′s but this chair is easily large enough for an average person today.  It is both attractive and comfortable.  I have never seen another one like it!    Circa:   1860.   Dimensions:   44″ H (when upright)   28″ W.   Condition:  Excellent polished original finish with vibrant grain to the rosewood – my favorite wood.   Previous owner recently had the chair reupholstered in a diamond tufted gold damask.    Price:  $1495.rvc1rvc2 rvc8 rvc7 rvc6 rvc5 rvc4 rvc3