Rosewood Music Cabinet

Stunning Renaissance Revival rosewood Victorian music cabinet.  This piece features extensive incised carvings on the fronts and sides with original gilt.  The maker used two bronze plaques in the decoration.  The one on the drawer has flowers and five cupids while the plaque on the door has a woman with a child playing an instrument while a cupid with hoof feet dances.  The drawer and cabinet interior are cherry and the later has a shelf.  The drawer has two very ornate cast brass pulls.  The key is in the shape of an “H” signifying that this could possibly be the work of Herter Bros., NY.  There is a number written in white on the back (see photo) indicating that this piece was most likely part of a museum collection some time ago.  A very fine quality utilitarian cabinet!  Circa:  1870.  Dimensions:  45″H  x  38″W  x  19″D  Finish:  G0od original finish and patina with dynamic rosewood grain.  The top has some minor veneer lifting.  Price:  $3850.00