Regina Automatic Changer

Fabulous Regina automatic changer music box in a spectacular mahogany case.  This machine has slots to hold twelve 15.5″ metal discs.  When it finishes playing one disc it will upload the next.  There is a round dial on the right side that can be used to choose the disc if you have a particular preference.  Otherwise, the machine selects the next one in order.  The serial number is #50555 (see photo) and there is a label on the inside of the door with a number of various patent dates – the last of which is 1899 (see photo).   The double comb movement is in perfect condition.   This machine has a marvelous sound.  I would be happy to play it for you over the phone on request.  Or, better yet, come see it in person if possible.  The case has a wonderful crotch mahogany grain and has the typical bowed glass door, carved crest at the top and twist columns on each side.  There is a curved disc storage drawer on the bottom of the case.  The back is built just like the soundboard on a high quality piano.  This music box comes with a total of twenty metal discs.  Great condition and mechanically sound!  Circa:  1900     Dimensions:  67.5″H x 27″W x 21″D   Finish:  Very nice original finish and patina with fabulous wood grain      Price:  $17,950.00



Mechanics video

Top crest with metal work on top of glass door

Patent dates

Serial number

Disc storage drawer

Crank, dial and start lever

Notice beautiful grain

Double comb movement

Rack for 12 discs

Piano style back soundboard