Raphael Madonna Painting

A wonderful copy of Raphael’s famous painting “Madonna Della Sedia” purchased from an estate in Glens Falls, NY.   The round painting is on porcelain and has two paper stamps on the back along with a pink fleur di lis and “Firence” (Florence).  The subject is very well done – quite close to that done by the master hand of Raphael himself.  It set in a frame that is quite similar to the original.   It has elaborate gilt three dimensional decorations along the edge and a round opening that encompasses the painting with a with a fancy border and raised decorations in each corner.   A gorgeous early replica of a masterpiece!    Circa:  Late 1800′s.    Dimensions:   12″ W   x   14″ H   x   2″ D (frame).    6″ Diameter of painting.   Condition:  Painting is in good condition.  Frame has lovely original gilt.  There is some loss to one of the corner decoration and minor repair to the outer part of the frame.  Better condition than most such frames from this period.    

Price:  $1295.      


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