Pittsburgh Swan Lamp

Early 20th century “swan” lamp made by the Pittsburgh,  Lamp, Brass and Glass Company.  The base has a fancy ornate shape and retains the original dark green patina.  The shade has a shaped hexagonal form and is reversed painted with three sections having a double swan on a pond while the other three sections depict a courting scene at  a lake.  It has raised frosted ribs between each of these panels.  The shade fits on a rim at the top of the base.  A cap fits over that and a threaded finial holds the top on.  The base has the original felt on the bottom.  It is  loose so that one can see what is under it.  I didn’t reglue it because I felt the buyer might want to see this section.  One can easily reglue it if you prefer but it is certainly not necessary.    Circa:  Early 1900′s.   Dimensions:   22.5″H   x   17″Diameter.   Condition:   Good original patina to the base.  Shade has no visible flaws.                   Price:  $1995    

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