Pair Longwy Vases

Wonderful pair of signed “Longwy” vases.  Each of these colorful pieces has a large Egret on the front and a smaller one on the back.  On one vase, each of the  birds has a fish in it’s mouth.  On the other one the larger egret is looking up at the sky while the smaller one has it’s beak in a pond.  Other prominent motifs are palm trees, flowers, beaches and water.  The Longwy mark on the bottom (see photo) indicates that they were made between 1875-1890 as shown in plate L-H04 at this link:  These are great examples of Longwy ware and would greatly enhance the decor of an Aesthetic Victorian room setting!   Circa  1880.  Dimensions:  10″H  x  4.5″ Diameter.   Condition:  Good original condition.  Attractive crackle in the glaze.  There is a small chip (see photo) on the bottom rim of one of the vases.  On close inspection this is glazed over indicating it was in the making of the piece.   Price:  $2450.  

                                                                                                                             SPECIAL SALE PRICE AVAILABLE ON MARCH 1

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Base showing signature and small chip in the making.

Base showing signature and small chip in the making.

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