Oak Hat Rack

Rare form turn-of-the-century stick and ball hanging hat rack.  It has a round mirror in the middle and numerous curved pieces of oak along with sticks and balls.  Elements are joined by original small brass sleeves.  The sides are asymmetrical with spindles on one side and stick and ball on the other.  A horizontal fold down shelf is above the mirror.  This unique piece could be used in an entryway, bedroom or bathroom with the six little metal pegs used to hold ties, hats or belts. Paul Tucker, the foremost authority on bentwood, stick and ball oak furniture informed me: 

“the Ferguson Brothers apparently made a good bit of this kind of work.  I call it Toroidal Fretwork because it uses sections of the mathematical shape called a torus.  Doughnuts, bagels, and steering wheels are torus shapes.  Basically a torus is a circular disc swept in a circular arc.  Although many refer to these pieces as “bentwood” these pieces are cut out and shaped by machine and then joined by Campbell’s brass sleeves. While I can’t definitively say that this was made by the Ferguson Brothers, I think it is the most likely candidate.  The Ferguson Brothers made a lot of clock frames with this technique and the clock faces often have Ferguson Bros. stamped on them.  The signed clock faces and patents point to the probability that they also made this extraordinary hat rack!”

I’ve sold a lot of stick and ball pieces but never seen this model!    Circa:   1900.   Dimensions:   22″ H   x   39.5” W.    Condition:  Cleaned original finish.   Price:   $89566_2 66_1 66_3 66_4 66_5 66_6 66_7 66_8 66_9 66_10