Mira 18.5″ Floor Model Music Box

Mira double comb music box in a lovely floor model mahogany case.  The movement is in very good clean condition, has a “fast/slow” adjustment and has a booming powerful sound when playing the 18.5″ discs.  There are twenty discs that come with the machine.  The serial number on the movement is 7646.  The mahogany case has an extra thick top with the original “Mira” decal on the underside.  It has three quarter carved columns on each side and a swell front with carvings.  The bottom door opens to reveal a number of vertical dividers to hold the discs.  There are fancy open work brass handles on the sides to assist moving the machine.  It is finished all all four sides. Four original  brass cup castors are on the feet.   Mira was the premier music box maker of the time.  We have seldom had a music box with such a rich booming sound!

Circa: 1900

Dimensions: 42″H x 30″W x 20″D

Finish: The front is excellent polished original finish.  When we purchased this machine the finish was badly crazed on the sides, top and back.  We carefully refinished those areas to match the front.  We did some minor restoration to the carvings.  The case is now in extra fine lovely condition. Price: $9995.00

Double Comb Movement