Large Panel Lamp

Impressive electric panel lamp.   It has a large eight panel shade featuring double curved caramel glass.  It has exceptionally ornate overlay metal fretwork on the top and bottom of each panel along with the ribs between the panels.  The base has tapered curved glass with similar metalwork.  The bottom also lights up with a small knob about three inches above the base.   Originally there was a metal plate that covered the bottom of the lamp but this must have been lost when it was electrified.   Of course, this doesn’t show and has no structural importance.  With the size, quality of the metal overlay, extra curve to the glass in the shade and the lit base, this is one of the better lamps of this type I have sold!   Circa:  Early 1900′s.    Dimensions:    24.5″ H   x   19″ (Diameter of shade).    Condition:   The fretwork is missing one tiny 1/2″ piece of metal on one strand (see photo) but is generally in great condition.  It was re electrified in the distant past.  The glass appears to be all original.    Price:   $1595 pl1apl4 pl5pl2a pl3a