Lapini Firenze Statue

Exceptional white marble statue of a partially clothed bashful young woman. It is signed “C. Lapini, Firenze” and titled “Sorpresa” (Surprise).   Cesare Lapini was born in 1848.  He worked in both alabaster and marble, specializing in children and nudes.  This is an especially appealing subject.  The woman appears to be getting undressed with the clothes she is taking off behind her.  She is ”surprised” and strikes a modest and adorable pose.  Lapini made a number of copies of this statue in various sizes.  It was obviously one of his favorite subjects.  A lovely sculpture that would enhance any Victorian room setting!   Circa:  1880.    Dimensions:  28.5″H.   Condition:  Good condition with no apparent flaws.     Price:   $8950.  


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