James Blake Table

Incredible Rococo Victorian walnut center table signed “James G. Blake, 12 Cornhill, Boston” on the inside of the skirt.  It has an original shaped marble with elements of black, white, grey and orange.  The skirt has a very dynamic serpentine shape and features profuse floral, leaf and bud carvings.  Elegant caryatids with floral carved waistbands support the top.  Four shaped stretchers are connected by a lovely fruit and flower carved finial in the middle.  This center carving is very similar to those done by the fine cabinet makers from New York City of the time like Alexander Roux and John Henry Belter.  This is the best table we have ever seen made by a Boston craftsman.  Most of the premier makers from the period were working out of New York and Philadelphia.  Unfortunately, much of the furniture making history has been lost.  I have been able to locate only limited  information on Blake.   At the end of these photos I have included copies of three period broadsides.  Note that Blake must have shared a shop location with Augustus Eliaers, the most famous cabinet maker who produced the “library/step chair”.  More information on him can be found on page 174 of Innovative Furniture in America by David Hanks.  Both furniture makers worked out of 12 Cornhill St, Boston.   An occasional piece with the same makers stamp will surface on the market.    While little is known about him, his work  speaks for itself.  This massive center table is one of the best Victorian marble tables I have ever seen and certainly the most unusual and interesting!  Circa 1850.  Dimensions:  29″H  x  57.5″L  x  44″W   Finish:  Very good original finish with a rich patina.  There is a rough spot (about 2″ diameter) on the marble top where the finish is worn.  It is in very good condition with only very tiny chips on some of the intricate carvings.  Price:  $24,500      CLEARANCE SALE PRICE:   $14,500