Ice Cream Tray

From our personal collection:  Fabulous brilliant cut glass very large size ice cream tray.   It is signed “Fry” and was made by the H.C. Fry Glass Company, Rochester, PA.    It is in the propeller pattern which is referenced at this link: 

 It was retailed by Marshall Field, but, as this link shows signed pieces are extremely rare.  This is of exceptional size and weight with very deep cutting.  We have had this in our personal collection for many years.  It was our premier piece of cut glass!  We are downsizing now, and, therefore, now offering this rare piece to our customers.    Circa:   1900.       Dimensions:   3″ H   x   18″ L   x   10.5″W.          Condition:  Appears to be in excellent original condition.  Some of the teeth, at first glance, seem like they are chipped.  On closer examination, these “chips” are, in fact, a continuation of the cut pattern.    Price:   $2750.DSC_0003 fcg1 fcg2 fcg3 fcg4 fcg6 fch5