Griffin Fire Screen

Beautiful Victorian mahogany firescreen framing a beveled glass with a cut etching of a coat of arms with two lions and eagle and the inscription “Insignia Fortunae Paria” which is translated ‘My honours and my possessions are matched’ (see photo).    The frame is incredibly carved with an open three dimensionally carved top crest flanked by a gargoyle on each side.   The bottom has four legs ending in deeply carved claw feet.  The entire frame is expertly carved.  A real showpiece!   Circa:    Later part of 1800′s.   Dimensions:   46.5″ H   x   25.5″ W   x   18.5 ” D      Finish:   Good original finish with a deep rich patina.  Some chips in the top of the crest and normal wear to the feet.    Price:  $2650.00   SPECIAL SALE PRICE:  $1450screen screen (1) screen (2) screen (3) screen (4) screen (5) screen (6) screen (7)