Glen Victorian Painting

Large Victorian scenic oil painting signed “J Glen” with a mark and then “90″ which I assume stands for 1890.  It has a waterfall predominate in the middle and a mill house on the left with several figures.  There are mountains beyond the water and a church on the right side.  It is all encased in a gorgeous fancy gilt Victorian frame.  A lovely piece of Victorian art!   Circa:  1890.  

Dimensions (frame):   33″H   x   46.5″W   x   3″D   Painting (measured from back)  22″H   x   36″W   (measured from front)   21″H   x   35″W

Condition:  Good original condition with stunning original gilt on frame.  We had some minor professional repairs done to the frame that are very hard to spot.

Price:   $2650pa1 pa2 pa3 pa4 pa5 pa6 pa7 pa8