Gas Electric Chandelier

Magnificent Victorian brass hanging chandelier.  It has three gas arms with the larger glass shades and three double arms with a total of six electrical sockets with matching smaller shades.  It also has an electrical socket/shade at the bottom.  The shades have an intricate etched leave design with a wavy ruffled edge.   The fixure has a lovely Aesthetic period open work design with gas keys at the bottom of the the three gas arms.  Each of the electric arms does a complete loop.  In the late 1800′s the nation’s lighting was slowly being transferred to electricity starting with the more stately Victorian mansions.  These combination chandeliers were a wonderful source of light.  The gas arms can be easily converted to electricity since the tubing is hollow.  This is a fabulous fixture of the period!    Circa:   1890.   Dimensions:   56″ H (from bottom to top of round cylinder).   35″  (from center of fixture out to the edge of the gas ring).    Condition:  The chandelier is in amazing “as found” untouched condition.  The shades are all in good condition with the normal roughness where they attach to the rings.  The brass retains the rich original gold patina.  Several of the chains have been replaced in the past and one is missing.  This could be easily wired and be the perfect piece used in the restoration of a late 1800′s home.    Price:   $3250vc7vc1 vc4 vc5 vc8 vc9