Four Arm Fixture

Very solid bronze or brass Victorian hanging four arm gas fixture.  It has a wonderful and unusual center design featuring a very strange animal head with long ears and a curved beak (see photo).  The other side has a highly decorated double shield and long horn.  I believe it had another instrument in the design originally since there is a small threaded post in back of the shield and a groove in the back of the shield.  This is very inconspicuous.  I didn’t even notice it until after I examined the photos I took of the fixure.   The four arms had fancy decoration and the original gas valve on the underside of each.  The lamp was tastefully electrified by a previous owner with the wires running along the top of each arm and through the center gas tube to the ceiling.  The original shade holders hold etched glass shades with flowers and a ruffled rim.  There are artistic elements like the curved tops to tops of the arms.  This fixture is heavier and more ornate than most – a really interesting piece!    Circa:  Late 1800′s.    Dimensions:  19″ from the outer  edge of one shade holder to the opposite one.   Shades have a 4″ Diameter base.   Condition:  Electrified in the past.   Brass/bronze was likely shined a whuke back when it was electrified.  Good solid condition.     Price:   $1695


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