Edison Triumph Phonograph

Early twentieth century Edison Triumph model phonograph with a very impressive large curved quartered oak horn.  It has a metal plate on the surface with various patent dates along with the serial number (see photo).  There are several “Thomas A Edison” logos along with decorative pinstriping on the metal parts.  “Edsion” in script is on the front raised panel of the case.  The large oak horn is connected to a narrower metal portion that is faux grained.  A rubber tube connects this to the reproducer.  The supporting structure allows the reproducer to move gently across the cylinder records.  The case and horn have a lovely tiger oak grain.  The size of the horn helps create a wonderful fairly loud and unique sound!  The machines with large oak horns are very desirable.  An attractive and entertaining conversation piece from a pre ipod era!   Circa:  1906.   Dimensions:   21″ Diameter of horn.  case is 18″W   x   12″D.    Condition:  Nice original finish with a rich patina.  The decal on the horn, stenciling and faux grain on the metal horn support are all more than 50% intact.  I have avoided polishing the metal work.   There is a small veneer chip on the right side of the domed cover that fits over the machine when not in use (see photo).  I comes with one record but more are readily available.   Price:   $5650


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