Derby Hobnail Centerpiece

From our personal collection, gorgeous Derby CT Silver plated Centerpiece with original Gorgeous Hobnail insert. Notice the accentuated ruffled edge of the bowl and graduated colors tones (from opalescent to deep rose pink). The hobnails on the outer edge of the bowl are very large and reflect light. The base of the bowl has a ground pontil mark and tiny bubbles in the glass. The silver plated base is not polished (original patina) and is signed “Derby Silver Co. Quadruple Plate 1207″ (see photo) and has four scrolled decorated feet with a ribbed platform base. The two curved holding sides are reticulated with flowers, leaves, and rope twisted tassels. It is topped with two scrolled handles decorated with leaves and birds. There are delicate finials on the end of each scroll. We have enjoyed this large centerpiece for over twenty five years, and have said “It just screams of its age and quality!”    Circa:  1880.    Dimensions:   10″   High   x   16″ Wide X 13 1/2″ Deep.    Condition:   Good original condition with old patina on silver.   Price:   $1650.00cp1cp2cp3cp4cp5cp6cp7cp8