Dantes Carved Bust

Fabulous Victorian carved bust of Dantes.  The life size head has a detailed superbly executed face and a hat on top.  The name “DAN TES” is carved into the shoulders (see photo).   The platform has an original green felt bottom with minor wear.  (see photo).  It is very heavy – obviously a hardwood.  I suspect it is either rosewood or mahogany.  Dantes was a Florentine poet who lived around 1400.  This is a wonderful and decorative carving!    Circa:   Late 1800′s.    Dimensions:   15″ H   x   17.5″ W   x   8″ D.    Condition:  FABULOUS deep rich original patina with no flaws.   Price:   $1650.dcb1dcb2 dcb8 dcb7 dcb6 dcb5 dcb4 dcb3