Crown Milano Jar

Gorgeous Victorian Mount Washington Crown Milano bisquet jar.  The top has a three dimensional butterfly on a bed of dogwood blossoms.  It has the initials “M.W.” and number 4418 on the underside of the lid (see photo).   The handle has a coil at the top and a thin metal rope braid.  The base has a raised hobnail pattern to the cream colored glass.  There is an amber and gilt enamel holly and thistle raised decoration on the glass.  The base has the Crown Milano mark (see photo).  On page 45 of Art Glass Nouveau by Ray and Lee Glover, a very similar piece is shown.  It has the identical handle and lid but the one pictured there is not as elaborately decorated as the example I am offering here.  An exquisite piece of art glass!    Circa:   1890.   Dimensions:   9″ H to butterfly.  7″ Diameter.    Condition:  Fabulous original condition.    Price:  $1650


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