Cranberry Olive Jar

Victorian cranberry glass sugar bowl or olive jar with fancy quadruple plated top and frame.   The glass has a thumbprint pattern and has four sides that curve out and are decorated with hand painted flowers and ferns.  The frame features a stylized gargoyle on each handle and an elaborate openwork design.  The base is signed by “Warren Silver Plate Company, New York”.  I don’t believe I have ever had a piece by this firm in the past.  It is a gorgeous and unusual form!     Circa:   1880.    Dimensions:   7.5″ H   x   8″ (Handle to handle).    Condition:  The glass and painting is in excellent condition.  A hint of original gilt remains in the indents on the four sides of the glass.  The frame is in good condition and appears to have original tarnish.  It could be polished is so desired.    Price:   $895



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