Country Store Tin

Fabulous Victorian country store spice tin.  It came from my local area and has the stenciled name on the bottom “Capital City Spices Albany, N.Y.”.   There is also an attractive painted floral decoration on the front.  The bottom bin has a roll with an original porcelain knob.  The top has a round lid that can be removed.  There is a round cylinder in the top that can be revolved to show the inscriptions:  “Ginger, Pepper,  Cloves, CrTartar, All Spice, Mustard, Bkg.Powder and Cinnamon”.  The sides have the original rust colored paint.  A unique and highly decorative piece that would be outstanding in a country kitchen!    Circa:  Late 1800′s.    Dimensions:   11.5″ H    x   9″ W   x    9″ D.   Condition:   Wonderful original condition with normal wear.  95% of the original paint is intact!    Price:  $985. 


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