Cigar Wall Holder

Renaissance Victorian American made walnut hanging smoking stand.  This unique piece has an open carved top with incised carvings and carved rosettes.  There is a carved bin on each side to hold the cigars.  Five turned knobs are between the bins – I assume to suspend pipes.  There is also a small bin at the bottom for matches.  A half round bowl in the middle has a fancy turning projecting up from the middle and a rough pad on the bottom to be used as a match strike (really a neat feature – see photo).  The number “364″ is embossed on the back.  I have never seen one of these before.  A great decorative Victorian novelty!   Circa:   1870.   Dimensions:   28″ H   x   20.5″ W   x   5″ D.   Condition:  Great original finish with a mellow rich patina.    Price:   $695   cho1 cho2 cho3 cho4 cho5 cho6