Chinese Silver Bowl

Rare and beautiful silver bowl signed by maker Wo Shing in Shanghai (see photo of bottom).  This mark is shown near the bottom of this reference page  It was made in the Victorian era between 1830 and 1875 for the export market.  It features exquisite raised silver enamel work of  three brilliant birds standing on a branch with pink and white flowers.  For a small bowl it is very solid weighing six troy ounces.  This is perhaps the finest piece of silver I have ever offered for sale – a gem!    Circa:   mid-1800′s.    Dimensions:   2″ H   x   5″ Diameter.    Condition:  Excellent original condition with expected wear in the interior.  The enamel work is all intact.  I have purposely not cleaned the original patina on the silver.    Price $7950.csb6csb1 csb5 csb4 csb3 csb2