Brandt Automatic Cashier

A wonderful nickle plated brass cash counter made by Brandt Manufacturing Company, Watertown, Wisconsin.  It came from the Newton Waltham Bank & Trust Company.  There is a brass patent tag on the back with the most recent patent done in 1916 (see photo).  It has a fancy design that features winged griffens on each side.  I have sold a number of cash registers over the years and this is one I have never had.  A lovely an attractive model in great original condition!    Circa:  1916.   Dimensions:   11″H   x   9″W   x   14″D.    Condition:  Very good original condition.  The nickel plating is in good condition with very little wear.    Price:   $1125   SPECIAL SALE PRICE:  $495cr1 cr2 cr3 cr4 cr5 cr6 cr7 cr8