Art Glass Front Regina

Rare turn-of-the-century floor style #35 Regina music box with fifteen original discs.  It has a fabulous original art glass front and working clock in the open carved top crest.  This machine is pictured on page 194 of Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments by David Bowers.   This is an automatic changer and has the fascinating mechanical ability to play one disc after another in sequence.  It takes the standard 15 1/2″ Regina discs.  The metal plate on the inside lists the serial number as 3500193 and the patent date as May 1899.   It has an original crazed finish with a small veneer repair in the bottom right side of the door.  Notice the piano style back which helps the sound reverberate and fill the room.  These old music boxes have a unique and powerful sound.  Many of the standard #35 music boxes were produced but few had the expensive add-ons of the crystal front or clock.  This is the first one I have owned.   These “fully loaded” music boxes in original condition seldom come on the market.  This is an opportunity to own a beautiful machine that will provide hours of enjoyment!  Circa:  1900.   Dimensions:  70″H  x  27″W  x   22″D.   Condition:  Good original slightly crazed finish.  One small veneer repair on the door.  All original discs and decals.  One small wooden wheel has been replaced in the movement (see photo).  The machine works but should have a cleaning to work smoother.  Also the clock works but I couldn’t figure out how to connect it to the disc changing movement.                                    Price:  $47,950.               CLEARANCE SALE PRICE:   $19,500