Antonio Frilli Sculpture

Super marble sculpture of an attractive woman holding a young child.  She is wearing a shawl over her head and seated on a bronze chair mounted on an onyx base.  Their is a brass makers’ tag which says “Antonio Frilli, sculpture in marble, Firenze”.  The artist is listed in Davenport’s Art Refernce Price Guide.  Two of his larger marble sculptures sold for $354,500 and $170,500 respectively over twenty five years ago.  I love the way Frilli combined different mediums (marble, bronze and onyx) to create a extremely pleasing piece of art!     Circa:  1900.    Dimensions:   15″ H    x    8.5″ D   x    9″ W.    Condition:   Good original condition.   Chair has rich dark bronze patina.  We had one of the horizontal fancy pieces under the seat remade.  It is done so well that you would never know it – even on close inspection.    Price:   $8995      


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