Allen Brothers Cabinet

Stylish walnut Victorian cabinet attributed to Allen and Brothers, Philadelphia.  It has an irregular shaped top with a double cut molding around the edge in the original black.  The sides of the case are open with a shelf and fancy spindled gallery on the bottom of the display area.  Small turned columns decorate the front of the cabinet with larger ones on the base.  The flat portions have deep incised carvings and white diamonds.  (Note:  we replaced the diamond on the upper right side and didn’t notice that the one on the left is tilted.  After this photo was taken, we made them symmetrical on both sides).  The main feature of this piece is the gorgeous hand painted woman on the front.  She has flowers on her left and is dressed in a Japanese gown.  With the opening of Japan by Commodore Perry  in the late 1800′s, the exotic art and culture from those islands was incorporated into many of furniture motifs used by the more sophisticated furniture firms.  If you look closely at the background of the painting you will notice that there is an intricate carved design on the panel that it is painted on.  Allen & Brothers was one of the best furniture makers in the country at the time and like the other Philadelphia furniture makers they used the deep incised carvings with black trim on the moldings in a number of bold and innovative designs.  The curved fretwork under the top was originally also under the middle shelves but this is only obvious by the hidden shadow that remains on the underside of the shelf.  The original key and lock work.  A gorgeous cabinet!  Circa:  1875.  Dimensions:  42″H  x  38″W  x  17″D.   Finish:  This piece has a very rich original deep patina.  All of the black is original.  One white diamond has been replaced.  There are a few slight veneer chips on the very back of the top.  There is a very slight joint separation in the top (see photo).  Price:  $6450.00